Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something about myself :)

Hey guys, welcome to my world. My name is Hima Rajappan, living in New Jersey with my better half Briji. Speaking about myself, I am just a neighborhood gal, who loves to talk n talk n talk (blah blah blah from Briji's  point of view). Briji says I am too loud while talking, pulls my leg saying that I have swallowed a speaker :). Other than this I love making friends, traveling, reading, dance, painting (in a small way), making crafty things, cooking, you name it I am in except for skydiving!!!

Now coming to my blog, I always wanted to blog. But never knew what to blog about. Was really ignorant about blogging during college days until I landed in SCMS for my masters. Our professors encouraged us to start blogs to pen down our thoughts, but I was one lazy bum who loved to gang around with friends and have fun. But now I realized where my interest is and what I should blog about. Yes friends I am all into cooking and that is what my new world is about.

Cooking, well to talk about that we need to go a few years back. As I mentioned earlier on how lazy I was, never used to go near the kitchen. My mom is a great cook, so just waited for her to make yummy dishes. Food was always my weakness. All I could make was maggie noodles, that too when my friends come over or on group study nights (oh those were the best days of my life, graduation days). Anyways, bad cook, my mom used to be worried on how I will manage a home after marriage. But I was really lucky to get the world's best mom-in-law in all means. She was the sweetest, we are great friends. Never allowed me to enter the kitchen (maybe she was scared of my cooking ;) ).

Anyways, Briji and I relocated to US and I had no choice but start my experimentation. Surprisingly I loved it. I got some tips from my sis-in-law, but the great saver was GOOGLE.COM. I call it the Google God :). Browsed many sites, visited numerous blogs and was fascinated by the variety of dishes. Started trying out each of them and I must say Briji was a great supporter. Now I am not scared to cook and love to entertain our friends and family. I am a certified cake decorator and thats a big achievement for me. I was inspired to start a food blog from Julie and Julia  (amazing movie). So here I am :).

I should thank everybody family and friends who are supporting me. Hope you enjoy my blog and Happy Experimenting!!!


  1. Hi Dumuki ,
    Very cute name by the way.......I would love to take you skydiving ...hehehe ...Those look too yummy .....I am waiting for my treat....great blog...:) keep it up will be waiting for desi recipes as well

  2. Rachana, thank you. I will surely be posting more Indian recipes.

  3. are a muduki.....Good job girl. You are an inspiration to all. The pictures look yummy. Someday I will try your receipe when I start loving cooking as much as you do .

  4. Those Cakes look so Yummyyy..I know where to go now for Special Cakes....Lucky to have a great friend like you dumukkkiiii...Goood Jobb...And Hats off to Briji for the Awsum Photos the cakes....

  5. Wow you are getting somewhere with this.. really proud to say I am your friend.. actually not that proud but still a little.. Atleast, unlike me, you had the gutts to post these adventures you are having for us to read..

  6. Reading about your "cooking experiences" before marriage and your mom's anxiety reminds me of how i was too then :D

    I love cooking now, and i never thought i'd enjoy it so much!

    Amazing blog you got here -- and i'll be a sthiram sandarshaka from now on.

    And edi pls pls enable "Subscribe by email" on your blog. I dont want to miss even a single post of yours. Pls :)