Friday, November 19, 2010

****Diwali Special****

Diwali popularly is one of the most famous festival of our country India. Known as the festival of lights it depicts the driving away of darkness and imbibing the light of knowledge. On this day houses are lighted with diyas welcoming Goddess Lakshmi.

I remember celebrating Diwali back home with fire crackers, lighting our house with diyas and having lots of sweets. This Diwali was special to us since it was first one after we bought our little nest this year. I was so particular that we light the lamps in our house. Even though it was little, we lighted about 15 lamps. Our little nest looked beautiful.

For my blog I wanted to try out some sweets for Diwali which I have never made. Laid my hands on Milk Peda. Who wouldn't like pedas. Had this notion that it was time consuming to make them, but I got this recipe where in 30 minutes you have pedas ready. This recipe was adapted from Hetal and Anuja.

Here you go with the recipe :

Ingredients: (Makes about 20 Milk Pedas)
Milk Powder - 2 cups
Unsalted Butted - 1 stick (about 8 tablespoons)
Condensed Milk - 1 small can

-- Melt the unsalted butter in microwave in a large glass bowl. Make sure you don't over heat the butter. It      just need to be melted.
-- Measure 2 cups of milk powder and mix it with the melted butter.
-- To the mixture add the condensed milk and mix well.
-- Microwave this mixture for 3 minutes. After each minute stir the mixture well and continue to microwave. This is to cook the mixture.
-- Keep the mixture aside to cool for 10 minutes. Once cooled, grease your hands to make the balls.
-- Flatten the balls a little so that it gets the same of the Peda.
-- Grease the serving dish, so that the peda doesn't stick to it until set.
-- Decorate the peda with nuts, badam or pista. I had made impressions on top of the pedas with flower cutters.

Let the peda set for sometime and refrigerate it. when serving bring it to room temperature.

Enjoy the tasty treat!!!